Learn more about what your children are facing and the real threats to their minds, bodies, and relationships. The following videos, articles, and downloadable guides will inform and empower your promise to protect your children.

In addition, social media images are available to share the Promise with other concerned parents. Together, we can defend America’s children — our nation’s greatest resource — against harmful legislation.


When parents drop their children off at school they are trusting the school to look after their child’s best interest, but that is sadly not always the case.

How would you respond if you discovered your school clinic was dispensing contraceptives to your child — without informing parents? Or if a boy took a spot on your daughter’s high school soccer team because he felt like a girl? Or if you found out your six-year-old child’s teacher is reading books about gender-confused children to the whole classroom?

There is help for when you face these issues…

Back to School For Parents — a busy parent’s guide to what’s happening in your children’s classrooms and practical steps you can take to protect them.

    • Discover what’s happening in schools and why you should be concerned.
    • Each section covers different topics, such as how to protect your child from inappropriate or biased material in the classroom, what to do when you find offensive or explicit books in your school library, and how to guard your child’s safety in school restrooms and locker rooms.
    • Learn about your rights and your children’s rights in school
    • Find ways to respectfully advocate on behalf of your child
    • Guidance on how to talk with your children about sensitive and difficult subjects

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Understand and respond wisely to the transgender issue…

Gender Resource Guide For Parents

    • Understand the transgender trend and its consequences.
    • Understand the implications of transgender activism in schools.
    • Communicate with school leaders.
    • Advocate for common sense policies.
    • Act with compassion toward everyone involved in the conversation.

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Additional resources to help protect our children’s…


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