We believe that America’s children are the nation’s greatest resource. While a culture – and sadly, a government – around us seek to sexualize children for the sake of a political agenda, we seek to protect children and nurture their minds, bodies, and relationships. That’s the heart of the Promise to America’s Children.

We, the undersigned, are concerned that American children are increasingly targeted for adults’ sexual messages, images, and themes, and this is happening at younger ages. They are exposed to explicit, sexual content not just by cultural forces, including social media and entertainment, but also by government-sponsored initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. International and domestic activists infuse public school curriculum with graphic information about sex, abortion, and politicized ideas about sexual orientation and gender identity ideology.

In 2019, the House of Representatives also passed the Equality Act that could pave the way for similar curriculum in every state and overriding efforts by concerned parents and community members at the local level. In addition, the Equality Act and similar policies will penalize Americans (including parents) who disagree with the new ideologies. This will endanger children’s health, privacy and safety, and relationships with those who have the primary responsibility to love, provide for, educate and raise them.

In light of these developments, we commit to protecting every child in America in the following ways:


Children are constantly learning. They are particularly influenced by the trusted adults in their lives. Lessons learned in childhood can set them on a course for success or failure. They can be taught to properly assess risk or to engage in risky behavior. They can be empowered to find their own voices or be set up as targets for exploitation. Children’s minds are treasures to be nurtured and grown. Therefore, we will work on behalf of children to affirm that:

  1. Every child deserves to be protected from being used in or exposed to pornography, graphic sexual content or activities as well as from being exposed to it in media and on the Internet.
  2. Every child deserves an education that is suited for their specific needs and development as guided by their parents, and one that is free from graphic sexual curriculum or content, the promotion of abortion, and politicized ideas about sexual orientation and gender identity. To protect this right, all public school sexual education programs should be opt-in, voluntarily chosen by parents. A general opt-out should be provided for other sensitive topics that families do not believe is appropriate for their children. Parents should have the right to review all curriculum, reading materials, teacher’s guides, and computer programs or apps.
  3. Every child deserves the right to free speech, to either speak or not speak and to affirm or not affirm messages or ideas that violate their beliefs or conscience.
  4. Every child deserves the opportunity to be guided and supported in making the healthiest decisions for their current and future physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health, including obtaining counseling that the parents determine is safe, appropriate, and in the child’s best interest, without government interference that excludes parents or exhibits a bias based on beliefs about sexuality, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


Children’s bodies should be honored, protected, and given the chance to develop naturally. Their privacy and physical safety should not be sacrificed for the sake of political ideology. Adults responsible for them are charged with protecting and caring for their bodies. Therefore, we will work on behalf of children to affirm that:

    1. Every child deserves safety and privacy in sex-specific spaces such as locker rooms, showers, and restrooms at schools and other federally-funded public facilities.
    2. Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in fair and safe athletic competitions. Female athletes should not be forced to compete against biological males who identify as female in sports competitions intended for females.
    3. Every child deserves the opportunity to be affirmed and in their biological sex, and to be supported as they mature through puberty and other normal adolescent changes that shape their maturity and reproductive capacity. Elective physical interventions on the bodies of children (including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sterilizing surgeries) have not been proven safe or effective for physically healthy minors.


The safest place for a child is with their loving and involved parents.Political or ideological efforts to drive wedges between children and their parents are not healthy. Therefore, we will work on behalf of children to affirm that:

      1. Every child deserves a “forever family.” Authorities should not limit or reduce the pool of foster or adoptive parents by forcing either child welfare agencies or prospective adoptive or foster care parents to violate their moral or religious beliefs, including the belief that every child deserves a mother and a father.
      2. Every child deserves a relationship with his or her mother and father. Children should not be removed from their parents over disagreements between their parents and the state about sexual orientation/gender identity counseling, therapy, or medical procedures.
      3. Every child deserves to have his or her parents informed of and involved in important life decisions. Authority figures (including teachers, counselors, or medical professionals) should not withhold information about a child’s sexual activity, development, or identity from parents or take any action that undermines the parents’ role in guiding the child in these areas. Nor should authority figures encourage or coerce a child to withhold information about important life decisions from the parent.


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